If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen the other day I posted an Instastory of a card I was very happy to receive in the post!

MY V.I.P Card!!!!


Why was I so excited? Because it gives me 50% off dominoes…which is my one true love (sorry James)!! Also the amount you save on dominos nearly pays for the for the card £19.99)!


So let me tell you a bit more about the card. It’s a discount card which can be used for over 130 businesses in Southampton to get discount. It’s aimed at parents but you don’t need to be a parent to have one. Some of the businesses on their include; Dominoes, Sprinkles, Mettricks, Coffee No 1, W.J. French and Son, Ariste Home Renovations, Ickle Village…the list goes on ! There is a mixture of everything from children activities to alcohol discount.

I personally brought my card because I love the fact it helps support other Hampshire based businesses whilst being beneficial to my family.  It keeps costs down on things I would normally buy, which means I can be on maternity leave for that bit longer!

It is a win win situation for me!

My pizza I have eaten tonight has nearly covered the cost of the card and it won’t take me long to cover the extra £2 and my card is paid off. I’ve even decided that every time I save money I am going to put it in a jar and see what I’ve saved at the end of the year. I’m sure it will be more than enough to buy next year’s card!

So to all my lovely Southampton followers please check out the MY V.I.P Facebook page, Facebook group and Instagram page . You can also click HERE and buy the card. You know you want too!

I am going to eat my pizza and enjoy every mouthful! I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Lots of love

Meghan, Amelia and my Diabetes (which is going to be sky high after a lovely Texas bbq pizza)! ❤️



…Daddy squeeze me tighter! 

I read somewhere that today is world cuddle day but then when I looked it up it said it was the 6th or 21st January?!? Anyway I am still going to blog about it!


I have always loved a good cuddle ever since I was little and I think Amelia is similar to me. She gives the best cuddles, if you pick her up she will always snuggle in, sometimes even put her arm around you. The other day she put her hand on my cheek and fell asleep instantly, this made my heart completely melt.

I’ve always found it amazing how important a cuddle can be. If your feeling upset nothing beats someone coming and giving you a hug and some nice kind words. If you’ve had an argument with someone then nothing solves it more (without needing words) than to wrap you arms around them. A cuddle is one of the the best forms of physical contact in my opinion.

When we have physical contact the ‘cuddle chemical’ or ‘love hormone’ Oxytocin is released. Like anything there is some negatives about oxytocin but we don’t need that negativity in our lifes this early on in the year!

After doing some research I have realised there are so many benefits to cuddling. Obviously cuddling isn’t for everyone as we are all individuals and I am sure some people hate them. However here are a few examples of the benefits;

  • Makes your heart happy – by reducing stress – which in turn lowers the risk of heart disease!
  • Helps with bonding – what is the first thing you do after giving birth? Skin to skin cuddles with your gorgeous baby. It also helps with bonding with other family and friends.
  • Helps you sleep – this is due to cuddling helping with anxiety which means you’ll find it easier to sleep – hopefully a nighttime cuddle will prevent the need to count sheep. (See below picture = evidence )
  • Helps with intimacy 😜


After googling (because google has the answer to most things) I asked a few people why they liked cuddles. One of them was James who is the least cuddly person I know – see if you can spot his reply! Hahaha!

  • ‘They are warm’
  • ‘Well I cannot help but cuddle teddy all the time, I like cuddling him because I love him and I love our bond! Also I like cuddles to keep warm’  – Side note check out Tiana’s Blog 
  • ‘I like a cuddle because it can make you feel protected and loved, it brings a comfort to your heart and feel like you are the sole thought of that person. For the same reason I love to cuddle my children to give them all those feelings to make them know they are loved and that I want to hold them have them close to me. I also like to cuddle my children as it makes me feel amazing to know I’m their mum and they love and need my cuddles that I can give a sign of love that they can feel. Ooh I also like that there are different kinds of cuddles’
  • ‘It’s nice and reassuring’

Side note – please feel free to comment or message me below why you like cuddles or think they are a good thing, feel free to include a picture as well. If I get enough response I’d like to put them all on a post. 

So why do I like cuddles? I love that you can say a thousand words without speaking by giving someone a cuddle. That you can instantly create a bond with someone just by opening up your arms, and by opening up your arms you offer a bit of your heart with it. I love the intimacy of a cuddle and it’s warmth. That it can melt away problems and give you that time you need to regain strength. I love the contact it gives you with another person. To me a cuddle is love!!!

I want to end this blog with a promise for Amelia; I promise to smother you with cuddles and love. You may not always want them as you get older…but until then I will hold you super tightly. When you get older and it’s ‘not cool’ to hug your mum just remember I am always there with a hug whenever you need them. Your daddy is too! ❤️



So the new year is nearly here and I was going to write a New Years resolution blog but who am I kidding, I can’t remember the last time I actually succeeded in completing a New Years Resolution.

Then I started thinking about what my main New Years Resolution would be and it probably would be to be happy with the way I look etc. This made me realise something. Why is it not okay to not be okay! It should be okay to sit and cry and be unhappy (as shown by Amelia in the picture below – side note I wish I looked that cute when I cried) Right that is a bit of a mouthful so let me explain.


Nowadays all you see is people posting about how they’ve had a baby and they are super happy with the way they look etc. I wonder sometimes if it’s a front, if social media has made it wrong to be unhappy.

Maybe if we accepted and allowed ourselves to not be okay then it would be easier to achieve what we want and need to be okay.

This blog probably makes no sense, I apologise for that. I hope I am making some sort of point though.

Sometimes we are going to be upset with the way we look, something we’ve done, how we’ve acted – and that’s okay! That’s normal, we are allowed to not be okay. If someone asks if you are okay and your not then say so. Who cares if it makes them uncomfortable, sometimes that’s what you need. To be honest and say no actually I’m not!

At the moment I’m not happy with my diabetes control. It’s rubbish and it is my fault it’s rubbish. There is no denying that, I’ve taken my eye off the ball! But that’s okay. I will get there soon enough and until then I’m going to suck it up and deal with it. I won’t be ‘okay’ with my Diabetes until I’ve sorted my control out but that’s fine, I can deal with that!

I’m also not happy with the way I look currently. This is a long standing thing really, I know I shouldn’t be unhappy with the way I look but I’m not! I found the more I force myself to be happy with the way I look the more unhappy I feel because I tend to examine myself more and look for things to be happy about. Maybe it’s time for me to accept I will never be one of those people that love the way I look. I am bloody proud of my body though and for what it has achieved, with both having type one diabetes and being pregnant with Amelia. Especially with how big I got towards the end of my pregnancy.


Life is tricky and hard work at times and we are not always going to be happy or picture perfect happy. But who cares because that’s the journey of life!

I hope everyone has a good New Years Eve and that 2018 brings you what you are wishing for!

Love Me, Amelia and Diabetes ❤️




It’s 2am *yawn* Amelia and James are both sound asleep and I am wide awake…thank you Diabetes/winter cold. So when you can’t sleep and are bored of Facebook, twitter and instagram then the only thing left to do is blog.

I have a tendency to wake up during the middle of the night a lot. Always have done and probably always will…when I do I always find myself overthinking things, since having Amelia I’ve found I overthink things a lot more.


Tonight I worked out why; judgement.

It is so easy to judge others and having spent a lot of my life in hospital having my sugar levels looked and my life questioned I thought it was something I was used to.

Then I got pregnant and resembled a whale and had been prewarned by the hospital that my baby was growing big. When this was mentioned to most people (if they had asked) it was a common response for people to reply that diabetics have big babies. This made me want to burst into tears because I had done everything to control my sugar levels and keep them in range. Although I can happily say Amelia’s size apparently wasn’t anything to do with my Diabetes control. I also know people didn’t mean anything by associating Amelia’s size with my Diabetes but it made me feel guilty and like I had failed as a Mum already and Amelia wasn’t even born yet.

Before having Amelia me and James discussed how we would approached people offering advice and that although we really appreciate it, parenting to us is a learning curve and yes we will make mistakes (we are human after all) but it’s something we felt we want to chuck ourselves into.

What I didn’t realise is there is a difference between advice and opinions. Also that being a ‘first time mum’ would make me feel so small at times.

For example the other day I nipped to the shop with Amelia. It’s cold so I made sure she had hats and mittens on. Her mittens never stay on long so I wasn’t surprised when someone in the shop kindly pointed out to me she wasn’t wearing them.

Although I’m not sure kindly is the right word. Maybe informed is better, she informed me that MY child wasn’t wearing gloves (she was sound asleep in her car seat with layers of clothing on and a blanket over her minus the mittens I had put on her earlier – they were under the blanket), she then proceeded to touch my face with her cold hands and explain to me how cold it was outside and that Amelia should be wearing gloves. After this wonderful advice she asked if Amelia was my first child!

Thinking back on it I should of told her where to go, instead I felt guilty and ashamed. Most of all I felt judged and looked down upon. I felt like the question about being a first time Mum was actually an insult.

Why is it acceptable to make people feel this way though? Having a baby is difficult enough without people pointing out when they think you are doing something wrong. Anyone who knows Amelia will know she’s pretty chilled out and happy…so I must be doing something right.

As soon as you get pregnant it’s ‘do this’ ‘do that’ and ‘don’t do that’. And don’t even get me started on the breast feeding vs bottle feeding debate. It is an unnecessary debate because no matter what someone does it doesn’t change the fact they are an amazing mum/dad.

I think everyone can be judgemental and have opinions and there is nothing wrong with that in itself. I just feel maybe we should keep those judgements/opinions to ourselves at times. If people want advice they will ask for it. Instead of giving someone an opinion why not tell them how great they are doing instead.

Because one thing having diabetes has taught me is that life isn’t easy but every day you achieve something (no matter how small that achieve may be) and that in itself is amazing.

I am starting to ramble which is always a sign I should stop writing. Hopefully I haven’t  contradicted myself with this blog.

So if you take one thing away from reading this blog then I hope it’s this; you are AMAZING.


Merry Christmas Love Amelia ❤️


Anyone who has met my gorgeous 3 month old will immediately realise she likes her sleep. This isn’t me bragging either because at times it can be slightly boring and means baby classes are a waste of time cause she will happily sleep through them. She also really hates being woken up as you can tell from the picture below! (The delivery driver rung the door ten minutes after she had started her nap).


I am also not complaining because who would complain at getting a good night sleep! Oh wait a minute…instead of a baby waking me up during the night I have the Diabetes to do that.

I’ve come to realise since having Amelia that I find the Diabetes more demanding then she is. And unfortunately with the Diabetes I can’t just hand it over to someone so I can have a ten minute break.

If you asked me I’d say it’s 100% my fault that my Diabetes is playing up. But if I take a step back and look at the bigger picture then I realise it’s not.

I’ve had a bit of a rubbish time with hormones since having Amelia and going back on contraception. Which included the first pill I tried making me vomit 6 hours after taking it. Poor James is working hard and long hours, and would have me in the middle of the night shouting for water. Amelia slept soundly through all of this 🙈 She is definitely our little sleeping beauty.


I also am busier than I was before having Amelia. I don’t want to spend my hours testing my sugar levels and then keeping a dairy of what they are. Pre Amelia I was obsessive with checking my sugar levels. I could use 20 test strips a day. I’d get through at least 400 test strips a month which means I was testing 12 times a day so every 2 hours. Now I get distracted with just staring at my gorgeous girlie.

The big reason my sugar levels aren’t as tight is because even though the Diabetes is waking me up at night, I am actually getting more sleep than I’ve had in years. I use to at wake myself up testing my sugar levels at night.

My obsessiveness had its benefits though such as my last hba1c being the same as a persons without Diabetes and I am yet to have any sort of Diabetes complication. However I was permanently exhausted and running on fumes. Which is really not good in the long run.

But writing this has made me realise I need to get some sort of balance. How I’m going to do that I currently don’t know but tomorrow is a fresh day and I will take it from there.

So I have babbled enough and I’m going to head to bed! Night all and I hope you all get a good night sleep!  💕

N.B I wrote this on Sunday night and forgot to post it hence the ‘hope you all get a good night sleep’.



I haven’t blogged in nearly over two years 😱 I debated blogging about my journey being pregnant with diabetes when I was pregnant with Amelia however after previous miscarriages I was so convinced something would go wrong that I couldn’t bring myself to blog about it. However I now have a healthy happy 10 week old little girl.


For anyone who doesn’t know Amelia was born at 38weeks + 2 via c section on the 23rd August 2017  at 09:28 weighing a lovely 10ibs 11! 💗 I’m also pleased to say that her lovely size was, according to all the doctors, nothing to do with my Diabetes yay!

F278C7A1-6ECE-41F0-8EA2-A1885BBA79B1.jpeg(Amelia photographed by Lyn Braund at just over two weeks old 😍 side note Lyn is an amazing photographer and I would recommend her to everyone and anyone! Go take a look at her work on Facebook and Instagram!) 

On the 23rd of January 2018 I will have had type one diabetes for 11 years and Amelia will be 5 months old 😱! The end of 2016 and the whole of this year so far have been the hardest but most rewarding year I’ve had with type one Diabetes. No one can prepare you for how much hard work being pregnant and having type one diabetes is and then for the first few weeks afterwards having type one and a baby is just as difficult!

Hormones and diabetes has always been a  bit of a struggle for me personally. I find when it’s that time of the month my blood sugars will shoot up and then I will have random lows here and there. So when I got pregnant I knew from previous pregnancies and my sugar levels I was pregnant so early that it didn’t even show on a pregnancy test. I was so adamant I decided although still to early I would test on Christmas Day and that is when we got our positive test!! Amelia will always be my best Christmas present well her and my brother who was born on Christmas Day!


I’ve debated writing an in-depth blog about my pregnancy and diabetes but if I’m honest I didn’t have the best pregnancy with complications such as pelvic girdle pain, high blood pressure so constant monitoring for preeclampsia and the fact Amelia was big and breech from about 28weeks 😂 So it was a tad stressful that combined with the fact I struggled not to worry about something going wrong! 🙈


What I will say is that I’m so bloody proud of myself and everyone I know with type one Diabetes and babies. When you have Diabetes and are pregnant you have to work so so much harder at life to be honest 😂 but it’s so worth it! I get to wake up to this face everyday!



I can’t express how amazing James and my family and friends were throughout my pregnancy journey too! Being pregnant really highlighted to me that I have an amazing group of people in my life and I am so lucky! I ended up having to rely on other people quite a lot as at the beginning I struggled to drive due to hypos and towards the end I struggled to drive because I was super big and legs and feet were so swollen. So thank you for putting up with my fat and emotional self! Also for all the support you have continued to give me so far! I really am super lucky to have you all in my life!

Also I just want to say a big thank you to Southampton General Hospital Pump Team, my midwife from Shirley Avenue Surgery and Princess Anne Diabetes Team for helping me with my pregnancy journey! They are both amazing teams who work so hard and deserve a lot of praise! Amelia is my Medtronic pump baby! I am super grateful I was on the pump during my pregnancy and had such great teams looking after me!

There is one other group of people I have to say thank you to! There is a lovely group of women on Facebook who support was out of this world when I was pregnant and having meltdowns! This group is called the sweetest journey (for diabetic mummies and mums-to-be). I would recommend this to all women with Diabetes with children or wanting children. They offered so much support and advice from their own experiences and it was lovely to be able to experience the journey with some other women on there! So thank you to all of them!



A few pictures of some of My lovely family and friends. There are so many more! And you all know who you are! ❤️ Me and Amelia love you all so much! 😘

Now I need to decide whether to start blogging again 😂🤔






I’ve attempted this before (there is a blog somewhere on my site like this) but I didn’t manage to keep it going for as long as I wanted. I’m currently trying to get my bg under a more tight knit control and have actually felt this helpful today (I’ve already spotted a pattern with a previous day this week) but anyway here’s today’s picture diary. Ps I’m hoping to do at least a weeks worth of these and I’ve added some rambles.
04/11/15 – 9:00
This morning I’ve dragged myself out of bed at 9 (I’m on a 12 – 8pm shift today). I’ve got my whale pjs on (you can see in the picture) and I think they’ve made my morning bm perfect. Nothing beats whale love.

Waking up with 6.1 as my sugar level makes my day. I’ve been having trouble with my sugar levels the last couple of weeks so need to start cracking down on it cause it’s making me feel rubbish and ruining my mood and I think the lack of sleep is making me a crabby cow.


4/11/15 – 11.52

I want a snack before work, I’m hungry and don’t feel like something healthy. What I sometimes struggle with is for a little snack (in this example a kit Kat bar), it takes me 15minutes to do all the checks to get ready to eat it.


4/11/15 13:30

I kind of carb overloaded at lunch today to help me get through only having a 15 minute break after this one for ‘dinner’. Today lunch I actually created myself hence the sticky note with carb values on hahaha. I will happily say it was scrummy.


4/11/15 17:00
I’m not feeling to bright. Don’t know if it’s just cause I’m tired or the fact my bm was 4.6. Who knows but here’s a picture of my 15 minute break ‘dinner’ yummy.

04/11/15 20:42
I’m hungry so decided to treat myself to a cake however on checking bg they are sky high all of a sudden. However the cake wins this time.

04/11/15 22:00
I just burst into tears sometimes I get to that point where I feel like I can’t do it anymore. I can’t do the sleepless nights or the feeling like shit on and off. I’ve check my bm and its gone down (yippee) but I still have active insulin and the amount I’ve got is too much so I’m worried will send me low. This means I’m going to have to wake myself up during the night. It now nearly half ten and I have to be up at 6.30. I will wake myself up at 11.30 then possibly two hours after that depending on my sugar levels. Sometimes I would really love a full nights sleep but in my head I spend a lot of time asleep if my sugar levels are erratic overnight it will definitely have an affect so even though I want to sleep keeping myself healthy is more important…it’s a cache 22 sort of moment.


I probably won’t take photos overnight I will be too sleepy hahaha. I’m hoping I don’t just turn my alarm off in my sleep (I did that last night).