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It’s Sunday blog time and I’m writing this as way of avoiding what mum, Will and James are watching on the TV – Eden Lake – It’s a horrible film, my advice don’t watch it unless you like horrific stuff then be my guest. The only plus side is I get cuddles as I write this 🙂

Anyway I should get to the point; what is today’s blog on I hear you ask?


You see I’m female (duh!) and its Christmas time which means PARTY TIME and as a female I like to wear nice clothes and at times tight-fitting clothes. This can be an issue when having a pump, as its always attached to you and is about the size of one of those old mobile phones. So where to put it?

The easiest place to put it is in the pocket of my jeans or shorts. I don’t usually get comments or looks if it is in there cause that’s quite a normal place to put things of course. But I’m a girl and prefer skirts and dresses and unfortunately they don’t come with pockets. Sometimes I’ve debated sewing pockets into clothes but the annoying thing is that no matter what you do your still left with a bulge. As the picture below proves (although I didn’t sew a pocket into this dress). But you can see the nice little square shape poking through my dress!

image (2)

So how do you solve this problem. Well believe me I’ve tried a lot of things. If you’re lucky enough you can get away with using the clip that it comes with or case and attaching it to waist band of tights or pants and hoping the bulge isn’t to bad. Which sometimes its not! But what to do if that’s not the case?

I’ve heard of people wearing sloggi pants and hiding it in there. Although I’m not sure how that works? If they sew a pocket in or just pop it down there hahaha although I will admit I’ve tried the popping it down the pants route before but to no luck. Maybe I should invest in some sloggis and give it a go. It’s an attractive thing being the owner of a pump 😉


Leg straps. So you see sports people running around with arm straps on to put their iPod in. Well the same thing can go with a pump; you can buy leg straps for them. Or you can do a Meg get a piece of elastic pop it on the leg and use hair-bands and clips to somehow make a little leg strap. I did this once and regretted it after I had sobered up from my night out and realised the elastic was a bit tight around my thigh and I had a lovely indent on the top of my leg.

But my all time favourite place is in my bra. This has caused a fair few comments in the past; a lot of people mistaking it for me putting my phone in my bra. But the best comment was from my mum; Be careful  Megs otherwise you’re boobs might grow sideways and will be hanging under your armpits. You see I put the pump inbetween my boobs if I’m wearing a tight dress. Like where you get the square bit between the cups. It’s the best place in my opinion to put it; you can’t notice a lump in the dress, the only time you can see it is if your looking down my dress/top and the best thing is sometimes it give you an instant boob job.

But if you’re not into trying to fix things up for yourself when it comes to the pump then you can try the accessories part of the website for your pump. For me, mine is a Medtronic pump and they have a fair few bits on there to use, but that cost money and I rather like playing around seeing if I can make something myself. You never know maybe one day I will open up a pump fashion store hahaha. Or maybe I should just stick to the nursing degree and faffing around with my own pump and fixings. – medtronic accessories

To be honest I don’t mind if the bulge is there because my pump is part of me and my body and if people see it so what. All they have to do is ask and I will explain but if they don’t have the guts to do that then they can feel free to stare (which is something you do get a lot). Although I have been asked the most random things and had people say the most random things to me. Two of my favourites are;

  • “So I didn’t want to ask but have you got a poo bag, I can see a lump through your dress?” – I had to laugh at this one. Mostly because they used to word poo bag rather than a stoma.
  • “I think you’ve sat on something” or “You dress has a weird lump on it?” – I did once reply to someone…well if it bothers you that much stop staring at my bottom because I know full well what they are talking about and that is the set site which is like a small circle disk.

Those along with the boobs one have made me laugh. Sometimes its infuriating that I can’t find a nice place to put my pump without it being slightly visible but you just get out with it. Trying to find the best place to put it but most times you succeed and no-one notices a thing unless your undressing in front of them 😉 hahaha!

Anyway seeing as its only 25 hours till Christmas I shall leave you with;


I shall post again next Sunday after the festivities. Also if anyone wants to follow my blog then feel free to type your email address into the place given on the right hand side of this page 🙂

Thanks for reading 🙂


Originally I was going to do a post about going out for meals and drinks (cause my nice boyfriend took me out this weekend ;)). But then I decided that I needed to do a post more closer to my heart, I think the Christmas movies are making me emotional. So today’s post is about the wonderful people who are my family and friends.

You see sometimes I sit and think about how much I rely on my family and friends, especially my family. I suppose everyone does, but unfortunately for my family and friends they have to deal with me. That includes what I call my diabetic temper tantrums = as Jessie J says in her song silver lining “when I lose my mind, when I’m a total mess.”

Diabetes isn’t easy, it is like a roller-coaster that I won’t ever be able to get off, not even if I want to…which I do sometimes but then I don’t cause its shaped who I am today. It has also most probably affected my family and those closest to me a lot. So I should probably apologise to them now for being a bit of a stroppy moo at times. I should also thank them, I wish I could do more than thank them and show them how much they mean to me because its them who have sat listening to me moan about my diabetes or forgiven me when my sugars have been either high or low and  I’ve lost my temper.

That happens a lot to be honest, I’ve always been the most “emotional” person in the world probably, so small things can sometimes trigger me off. But then you add a high sugar level to that or a low sugar level and in my head everything is a lot worse than it is. Sometimes it feels like someone is pushing a certain emotion into my head and that I just need some sort of realise from it whether that is crying or screaming/throwing a strop towards the person nearest to me. There is that saying that you can’t choose your family but to be honest I couldn’t have asked for a better family. They’ve been there for me no matter what and I can rely on them even when I’m being a completely and utter cow. They’ve all done so much for me; gone to training session to learn about my diabetes, taken me to clinics and sat with me for hours on end, and listened to me moan. They probably will never know how it feels to be a diabetic but the sure as well try the hardest to understand and then they put up with me and all the drama I bring.

Then you have my lovely boyfriend and closest friends. The people who have also had to learn about diabetes and what to do if my sugars go too low or too high. Who have my back when I’m out drinking and I know that if anything happened they would get me back home in one piece. If I’m honest the weekend was a fine picture, went out with James (the boyfriend) and blood sugars went a little bit high…only a tad and I had a strop, for no reason. I apologised afterwards but still I shouldn’t have done it, and I know I shouldn’t but unfortunately that is what high blood sugar levels do to me…as soon as they get over 10 really. But then I realised that night how much he has learnt about my diabetes in the time I’ve been with him and that is why I love my family and friends so much because they put the effort in to learn things that they don’t have to. Just because I’m a diabetic doesn’t mean they have to learn the ins and outs of if but I suppose they do it because they love me and don’t want anything bad to happen to me.

But there is one person who I should thank the most really and that my mum. The person who puts up with me moaning the most, going to her with diabetic questions because she’s a nurse and then getting annoyed with her nursey views when I don’t want to hear what she is saying. The person who stayed with me in hospital when I was diagnosed and looks after me when I’m ill, loosing sleep but never moaning about it…well not to me anyway. Although I probably drive her mad sometimes and she does me as well, I don’t think I would be the person I am today without her and I wouldn’t have such good control without her either.

So I suppose this post is my way of sort of thanking them although it will never really show them how much everything they have done means to me. But it really does mean a lot. They all deserve the biggest thank you in the world and if it wouldn’t take so long I would name them individually but they all know who they are.

Family is not an important thing. It’s everything – Michael J. Fox

The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love – Hubert H. Humphrey, Jr


So as I sit listening to my talented mum cook Christmas cakes for us and various friends I am feeling the need to write my Christmas blog. You see I lurveeeeee Christmas and everything about it. I start getting excited about Christmas after my birthday has gone (and my birthday is in May). But Christmas is also important to me as its my little brothers birthday…even thought when he was born I stormed into the hospital asking if he was Baby Jesus. So it’s a lovely day all round for me, maybe not so much him as people seem to forget his birthday hahaha poor boy, my sister’s is just as bad, she’s got New Years Eve, I’m the lucky may baby teehee.

However as much as I love Christmas, it is hell for the diabetes part of me. I mean come on the temptations are to much for anyone let alone a 19 year old type 1 diabetic. You have the mulled wine and other various Christmassy/New year drinking events. Then there is the chocolate and candy canes etc…sometimes I walk into a shop and I can feel my eyes go wide and my heart race at all the chocolate and different Christmas sweets…its my biggest downfall I have such a sweet tooth, its like putting a bone in front of a dog, it is going to want that bone. And Christmas dinner, I love Christmas dinner but the sugar content of all the different sauces and then all the carbs…my mind is getting all hazy thinking about it. And that is just a fraction of it!

So how to I cope with Christmas? Well I don’t drink, avoid sugary things and cure the world of sin. I wish I could say that but unfortunately I’m not that perfect, at Christmas my diabetic halo comes down and the devil horns come up. My mind just seems to tell me; Its only a few weeks in the year Meghan…enjoy it enjoy it. So I do just that enjoy it, but there is a word I like to use at Christmas; Moderation.

It’s a nice word isn’t it. Just because it’s Christmas and I am diabetic does mean I can’t enjoy it. It means I have to be sensible. Try and find food which are low in sugar, or have no added sugar or are sugar free. Then I drink mainly spirits and the good old diet coke, diet lemonade if I’m feeling like mixing it up a lil. And cause I’m lucky and have my good old friend bob (my Insulin Pump) to help me regulate my sugars and carbohydrate count all that yummy food…and alcohol hahaha!

So for fellow diabetics I hope that you all enjoy Christmas safetly and remember to have fun just be cautious and don’t go off the rails and I am sure you will after time work out how to control your diabetes around Christmas, just takes a bit of tweaking here and there 🙂

Only 12 days till Christmas and I’m sure that will sneak up fast. So Merry Christmas everyone and if I don’t get to say it nearer the time then Happy New Year, I hope you all have a lovely day and enjoy every part of it 🙂

Muppets Christmas – Cheeky link for you guys here 😉

Hey everyone!

So this beauty is my first post on here. So I thought for the first one I should probably explain what type 1 diabetes is and how I control my diabetes because it has changed slightly from when I was first diagnosed.

So type one diabetes the simple my way. Diabetes is a long term condition that maybe one day they will find a cure for and maybe one day they won’t. In short terms my pancreas has stopped producing insulin. Insulin is a hormone which is used to break down glucose so that cell around the body can access it for energy etc. So basically my body cannot break down sugar as there is no natural insulin in my body. There isn’t a reason for why my pancreas stopped working. So contrary to what some people may think; I have never been overweight or consumed to many sugar products etc.

So how do you control this? Well when I was first diagnosed I took four injections a day, and that is probably the most common way to control type 1 diabetes. However I am fortunate enough to be the owner of a lovely Insulin Pump (I have attached a photo below of my pump set and will later take a picture of what it looks like on)


So how does my pump work? Well it supplies my body with a continuous amount of insulin like a pancreas would do however it is programmed to give certain amounts at certain times to keep my levels stables. Then if I am going to eat I work out the amount of carbs I am eating and take my blood sugar level and the pump calculates how much insulin I need to cover the food and keep my sugar stable.

Where do I insert it? The best way to understand how its connect to me is that its like a cannula when you go into hospital. Its a thin tubing which I like to say is catapulted into my skin (by the blue circlish thing in the picture) and then some of the tubing sit under my skin and the rest is attached to the machine who I have named bob. You change the set every three days so it isn’t there permanently and I try to move it around slightly when I change it.

I thought I would also post a picture of my lovely blood glucose machine so you can see what that is like as well!


A blood glucose machine works in this way; you “prick” your finger to draw a drop of blood, which goes on a test strip, which goes in the machine, which in turn tell you your blood glucose. So a “normal” persons blood glucose is between 4 – 6. The range that I feel is normal for me is 4.5 – 8, however sometimes its not perfect sometimes its higher sometimes its lower. But that’s what I’d like it to always be.

So that’s the basic of my diabetes in my own little Meg way. And that is the end of my first post. A little boring I know but it had to be done folks. Hopefully my next post will be a bit more interesting and more about living with diabetes, than diabetes itself.