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Something that happened to me made me think today which is why I am doing this blog on a nonsunday – It shouldn’t be too long. I actually am fairly interested in hearing peoples opinions on this so comments/messages to myself would be greatly excepted.

When informing people that I’m have type one diabetes, I have always said; “I am a type one diabetic”. But whilst talking to someone today they said they felt it was interesting that I said it that way and wouldn’t “I’m a person with/suffering from diabetes” sound better (yes they didn’t state type one or type two – I did point this out ūüėČ ). They then told me they felt that the way I was introducing my diabetes was slightly¬†derogative towards myself. You see now why this has made me think.

I can understand why with some conditions people may not want to introduce themselves as they way I do as it could hint at the fact the diabetes is them and that’s what they’ve always been. Obviously I was just Meghan before I became a diabetic and I still am, but (when it’s not driving me insane) I’m proud of being a diabetic. ¬†Which is probably why I introduce myself in the way I do. I’m sure sometimes I probably say Oh I have type one diabetes. I think I probably do a mixture. But after today’s incident I am just wondering what people’s opinion is on the way it should be introduced.

Should I say;

  • I’m a type one diabetic¬†
  • I am a person who suffers from diabetes
  • I am a person with diabetes

There are probably even more ways to do it, but which one is the best I wonder. In my opinion I don’t think it makes much difference as I don’t have anything to hide when it comes to having diabetes and I am proud of it and the way I live with it. It is not something you can hide away really even if you want to; the injections/pump at meal times gives it away, so does the finger pricking and then there is the¬†bracelets etc.

But anyway bit of food for thought (Is that the right saying hahaha) for you all and look forward to hearing opinions on the matter. Hope you are all having a good week so far.


So I had a few ideas for tonights blog and I even started writing one until wordpress decided it didn’t like me, but now I’ve decided to ramble a bit, cause I’m in one of those moods, so I’m going to apologise if this is a bit here, there and everywhere. Hope you guys still enjoy it!

After six years of living with diabetes you would think I would have finally learned to accept it as part of me. Megabetes I would call myself if that ever did happen, makes me sound like a superhero and with my pump I could be partly bionic – the bionic diabetic girl. Anyway getting back on tract I don’t know if you ever fully accept you have diabetes and that you will spend the rest of your life trying to beat it, because you can’t let it beat you. I mean how can you accept it when it takes over your life. I know what everyone is going to say to that; let the diabetes live with you, not the other way round. Well excuse me but how about sometimes thats impossible. Diabetes takes over everything; bags, draw space, exercise, meals out, holidays. Sometimes I just want to scream, throw it all out of the window and deny the fact I have diabetes. Bury my head in the sand!

Stick Your Head in the Sand - Pen & Ink Illustration

But like the picture says above you can’t do that with diabetes. Its a long-term condition = there for the long run. I wish I could, have a holiday from diabetes, imagine that. Drop it off for two weeks and come back feeling fresh and ready to tackle the every day inconviences of living with it. The thought of it makes me smile and think of all the things that I wouldn’t have to do/could do without it;

  • Wear whatever I want without trying to hide my pump so I don’t look like I have a growth
  • Give my fingers a rest from checking my sugar levels at least four times a day – maybe even get rid of the black dots I have on them
  • Eat without carb counting…sugar binge!
  • Swim for a whole day
  • Bungee jump
  • Parachute
  • Join the forces

The list goes on…

Now to everyone reading this it sounds like I’m letting the diabetes get to me, I bet you imagining me sitting here bawling my eyes out. I’m not, I’m actually pretty happy at the moment apart from a cheesecake I’ve avoided chocolate and been pretty good this last week or so. So why am I writing this? To be honest I don’t know, I think I thought¬† it would be interesting to write a post like this when I can view it with a sane head; not crying or with a high blood sugar level.

I moan about my diabetes, I’m sure every diabetic does; you have your good days and your bad days and your even worse days. I’m sure everyone with a long term condition does. It can lead to depression, anixeties, eating disorders. I know the last one is true because I used to struggle with that one myself. When I eat I have to check my sugar, carb count, pop the information into my pump and then eat…when I was injecting it was even longer check sugar level, draw up insulin, remember which arm I had used early and then inject it into me before eating. By then I’d loose interest in eating and my food would get colder quicker that other peoples. Maybe when I feel more comfortable talking about that part of my life I’ll go into more details for my lovely readers. Although I can say I have never missed an injection to lose weight which I’ve heard can be a common thing.

But it’s not just me that gets affected by my diabetes and looses sleep about it, those closest to me do. They worry about me, panic when my sugar level won’t come down straight away or go up. Sometimes I’m surprised I haven’t driven them all away with my snappy moods and little *cough* big *cough* strops mostly due to my diabetes (and because I’m a small drama queen at times) but lets just blame my diabetes hahaha. As stroppy as I can be with certain people (I’m sure they all know who they are) they are my rocks when it comes to living with diabetes.

So I’m not really sure where I’m going with my blog? A bit like my diabetes sometimes hahaha. What I think I’m trying to show is some of the lows of having diabetes but how despite all these things that get me down I’m still walking tall with it (well actually I hurt my foot the other day so partially limping right now if you see me). Some days you want to let the diabetes beat you, to have a bad day with it all and wake up the next day feeling bright and breezy which would never happen. As much as you want to give up sometimes you can’t and even though I sometimes want to I never would because sometimes diabetic life is pretty good.

Anyway I’m rambling to much now so don’t let anything bring you down (not diabetes or anything else). Keep your head high cause nothing can break you if you don’t let it and have a good week ūüėČ

So I wonder how many of you from my last post realised what I’m going to talk about in this lovely blog?

Begins with S ends in EX. You got it yet? However despite what all you naughty minded people think I am not going to go into all the graphic details of my sex life, nope my lips are sealed thank you very much. But it¬†occurred¬†to me to do this post the other day when I was sat in a lecture (about diabetes) and the very nice specialist nurse mentioned about exercise causing hypos and then how sex is also exercise and this can be a problem and everyone laughed. I didn’t, as even though its funny, its also really true.


Despite what the picture says I don’t usually have to drink something like a chocolate shake or eat a packet of oreos after sex because that wouldn’t help with a hypo of mine anyway. Chocolate isn’t the best thing for diabetics¬†contrary¬†to what you may think. But I’m not saying it hypos don’t happen believe me they do. But then if I went out for a run it could happen to and sex is a great form of exercise ;).

When I was younger and the wonders of having sex were in front of me it was a conversation that use to come up with me and my friends. Amongst others such as overdosing on sugar (I know a tad odd what questions people ask you) Anyway I remember having a conversation with someone about whether I could put myself into a coma whilst having sex. Meaning if my blood sugar went low could I pass out. Thinking on it I actually realised it could, however I can promise now you know when your having a hypo so its very unlikely to happen. But it does occasionally mean checking sugar levels before and after, then there is the stack of sugar I keep by my bedside. Hahaha only joking (I do make myself laugh).

However that’s not the only issue people with diabetes face in the bedroom (or wherever you prefer to do it ūüėČ ). I can not talk with experience but as a diabetic you read about this stuff just to learn I suppose, like a manual for diabetics (HOW TO BE A DIABETIC – ooh that sounds good, I¬†officially¬†copyright that title for my future book ūüėČ watch this space). Anyway there can be many more issues with diabetics and sex apart from the occasional hypo. It is said by that “Up to 50% of men and 25% of women may experience some kind of sexual problems or a loss of sexual desire as a result of diabetes.”

So what sort of problems are these. Lets tackle woman first (as I am female and we are the greater sex hahahaha, once again I’m just messing, I’m not a feminist)

Women, sex and diabetes;

  • FSD – Female Sexual Dysfunction. This is when woman have trouble orgasming, pain during sex and a loss of desire. You hear more about men having ¬†this problem but women can have it too, unfortunately there is no medication for females.. But woman with diabetes are twice as likely to experience this than those without (Diabetes UK)¬†
  • ¬†Vaginitis which is inflammation of the vagina (with an example being thrush) are more likely to be a recurrent problem for females with diabetes. Which can lead to pain, itching and burning sensations which obviously will takes its toll on the bedroom activities.¬†
  • Cystitis which is inflammation of the bladder is another health issue which is more common for diabetics.


 Men, sex and diabetes;

  • ED – Erectile Dysfunction.¬†Almost 33% of men with diabetes suffer from erectile dysfunction.(
  • Diabetic¬†Neuropathy (damage to the nervous system) can also cause problems to the¬†erectile¬†tissue making it harder for men to achieve an erection or impossible in some men.

However, although I have written about all of these issue it doesn’t mean every diabetic will get them but its something to be aware of. It something I have to be aware of more than every other person due to my diabetes, so as recommended I use femwash rather than shower gels keeps the thrush at bay hahahaha (now was that a joke or not, I will leave that one up to you guys to decide ūüėČ )

Now I will leave you with one last issue my mates and I, when I first got my pump, wondered about. You see my pump is attached to me and I although I can take it out for periods of time it usually makes my sugar level jolt up for a bit so unless I’m having a shower or going for a swim or something along those lines, I tend to keep it in. And really I don’t swim that much either as I’m a “four eyes” and have to take off my glasses and can’t see – which means a panicked Meg sometimes swimming like I’m drowning.

Anyway back on track. I was at a party and this conversation topic seem to spring up. “How would you have sex with your pump attached to you”. It brought up a lot of questions about whether I would need a drip stand like in hospitals, whether I could leave my bra on but wouldn’t that spoil some of the fun, whether it would get ripped out, the list goes on.


However it can be done, I tend to leave mine in most of the time. But how I do it…well that’s for me to know. Although I can promise I don’t have a drip stand, that would kill the mood I’m sure.

Anyway I shall end this post here as this is a long one and I do not want to make your eyes bleed. Although as I’m loving these little funny photo things I will leave you with one last one which made me giggle. Hope you all enjoy this post. Thank you for reading



So I know I failed last weekend and did not post my Sunday blog. But hopefully this one will be good so will make up for it. Today I’m going to talk about a certain time of year that has just been and gone; Valentines.


I hope you all had a nice valentines day whether or not your taken or single and got¬†thoroughly¬†spoilt or had a good night out. But getting on to the point of my diabetes and why it can be a little issue for diabetics. To be honest any commercialised events like Valentines, Easter etc can be an issue for diabetics. Why I hear you ask? Well chocolate, celebratory drinks, going out for meals. These are all lovely things to do (and I still do them/eat them/drink them) ¬†However you have sugar levels to bare in mind when enjoying all this.¬†Luckily I have a boyfriend who knows this so didn’t buy me a lovely heart shaped box of chocolates ūüėČ however he still managed to spoil me (the flowers above being part of my “gifts”).

But the temptation is the worse things about these days (and don’t even get me started on Easter) You walk into a shop around Valentines time and all you see if chocolates and wine and¬†champagne. Every lovely dovey thing is turned into chocolate; chocolate roses, chocolate hearts, pink chocolate, chocolate teddies, chocolate chocolate chocolate. And for someone with willpower like mine it’s never good. Then there is the wine and champagne; scrummy stuff but with a lovely content of sugar and for me a quick way to get drunk. Although I’m not one to turn down a glass of champagne it just means checking blood sugar an hour or so after having a glass…or two…or three ūüėČ


Another issue can be going out for a meal. Most people choose a¬†restaurant, moan about the price maybe but enjoy it normally hassle free. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy meals, believe me I do. However going out for a meal can be hard with the carbohydrate counting because some places do not publish their nutrition status and others publish all but the carbohydrates but the amazing ones publish the details which makes eating a lot more easier. Otherwise you end up roughly guesstimating which isn’t to hard to do once you learn how to carbohydrate count but sometimes it can be a pain in the bottom. However I love a good meal out so you learn to deal with it (I shall do another blog later going into eating out a bit more detailed)

But you can survive these days and enjoy yourself even if you have diabetes cause I know I certainly did. Blood sugar didn’t rise over 9 but I still had steak and chips, a mouth watering pudding and strawberries dipped into melted chocolate. A lot of yummy treats ūüėČ And I enjoyed every single part of my day and my treats from my man. All you need to do my fellow diabetics is BOLUS, BOLUS AND BOLUS (give yourself extra insulin for the extra carbohydrates/sugars you are ingesting into your body ūüėČ ) Sounds easy than it is but it works (with the odd hyper and hypo here and there) But diabetes is a journey everyday so a day like Valentines isn’t going to make is any easier but it shouldn’t be viewed as making it harder. It’s just another¬†challenge¬†to enjoy.

So this is my Valentines post but because of being a failure last weekend and this one not being overly exciting (because I just had a hypo and now am sleepy) I am going to make it up to you all by doing a slightly valentines related post sometime this week however it will be of a censored theme so it will be your choice whether or not to read ūüėČ

Anyway hope you all had a lovely week and weekend and enjoy this weeks blog. ūüôā

Happy belated valentines day my lovely readers! ‚̧

Oh look it’s¬†Sunday¬†again which means – Blog day. I have a few things to talk about today but because I’ve just ripped my cannula out of my bottom when I went to the toilet I’m in a moany mood. So I apologise now but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

I had a bad day the other day, something happened which made me upset and angry at a person for a mistake they probably didn’t mean to do or think would offend a type 1 diabetic. This person was talking to a lot of people and made a comment on how diabetes is becoming more widespread due to people’s lifestyles, eating habits and obesity. Which to the people reading this might be a perfectly acceptable comment. However there is two types of diabetes and type one diabetics aren’t fat neither do we have unhealthy lifestyles or eating habits!¬†So why should be tarnished with the same brush?¬†

I suppose to everyone I may seem like a drama queen, having a moan about someone not saying something. But people don’t seem to realise how upsetting it is and in my opinion is because people are ignorant. I don’t mean that in a nasty way, but diabetes is a chronic condition that at times can be complicated to understand and to learn for a newly diagnosed let alone other people who don’t need to understand. If I wasn’t a type one I probably wouldn’t know any different either.

But imagine being a newly diagnosed type one diabetic child and then going into school or seeing friends who make the comment; “Did you eat to many sweets?”, “Were you fat?” I’m sure they didn’t mean to say it but because they don’t understand it can be hurtful.

The media never helps easier, I have had my diabetes for six years and I have never seen a programme on TV covering the issue of type one diabetes, type two yes but never type one. I’m sure there is one somewhere. Then you have pictures like the one below (which is funny in an odd way yet still doesn’t¬†portray¬†diabetes in a good way) doesn’t help either.


Also type one diabetes only affects 5 – 15 percent of diabetics, so maybe that’s why diabetics are grouped together.

So maybe diabetes awareness (of both types) needs to be more widely spread. Not just for that reason but for others. People who don’t understand diabetes tend to ask questions or make comments which may seems acceptable but don’t go down well with a diabetic and end up leaving them annoyed and irritated, whereas maybe if people were more aware this wouldn’t happen.

So what sort of comments do I mean;

  • Are you allowed to eat that? – No I just fancied killing myself with a donut today
  • Look at the woman…look what she’s doing…druggie¬†– Yes cause I obviously am an insulin junkie, high class drug that one
  • Those sorts of people just seem to take all of the NHS money just cause they are unhealthy – Shows how much not knowing the difference of types can result in nasty comments
  • Does it hurt when you prick your finger/inject?¬†– I have a pain immunity nothing hurts now I’m a diabetic

And the list goes on. Sometimes you just have to smile through the anger of comments like these. Another more personal example was when I was first diagnosed being told by someone that people were only being nice to me because they felt sorry for me, as a 13 year old it wasn’t the nicest thing to hear. But life moves on you have a cry and get over it. Well actually you end up going to your diabetic clinic and talking about it and having a counselling session.

So bare in my next time you talk to a diabetic that you know what type they are before making judgemental comments and then think about what you say, because something that could be perfectly acceptable to you may hurt them.


And that folks is the end of my blog today, I hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoy this post ūüôā And a thank you to James for his great title suggestion ūüėČ