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Hi guys 🙂

I found this in the notes section on my phone! I remember writing it (sort of) I think I had said something horrible to James off the top of my head but I’m not certain! But anyway I decided to shot screen and post it for you guys to read 🙂





So I’m just going to post this for the time being and later tonight/tomorrow will right a post on how I feel about it nearly 8 months along!

Anyway enjoy my emotional thoughts!

Thanks for reading


Ahhh so I’ve been naughty and haven’t posted a blog in 5 months. Which is bad I know…I deserve a slap on the wrist. But maybe this picture of a cute dog will make everyone forgive me…if not I have loads of cute pictures of otters 😉

So I am sorry for not writing in so long but I will make it up to you all fingers crossed. So why have I suddenly decided to write this post? Well diabetes just seems to be even more prominent in my life right now. In what way I here you ask well;

  • My dissertation is going to be diabetes related – So I’m hoping to talk about that on here maybe
  • I ended up in hospital for a slightly diabetes related problem but slightly not – There will be a blog to explain that more (I currently have a draft of it just need to finish it)
  • I’m currently keeping what I have decided to call my diabetes diary which is an in-depth look into my sugar levels if my mood affects my sugar levels, what foods affect it more than others, what activities effect it (I have a habit to get my effects and effects wrong, so forgive me hahaha) – This is something I really want to share with you guys

So that’s just a few reasons there that I can think of now. I’m having a bit of a brain meltdown last few days I’m blaming it on chronic pain tablets that I’ve started taking for my dodgy shoulders so you will have to forgive me. I have also decided that my blog won’t be coming out on a set date now, due to being in my last year of studying nursing, so I will try make it once a week but will post at least one a month but will be here there and everywhere.

So this is a brief post…a bit of an apology and then a small explanation to why I’m starting blogging after 5 months. I’m currently writing a long post about my lovely hospital stay so that will be with you guys in the next few days. But until then here is a cute picture of an otter in a pumpkin cause it is October 🙂 Enjoy