DBlogWeek (day 2) – Reflections

Nobody knows how much I cry at night

When I just can’t get my diabetes right

Everyone knows that I’m that girl

The one with that problem

The diabetic girl

You may see me struggle along

And words of wisdom out they come

You may think I’m silly and stupid

But do you check your sugars four times a day?

You with the pretty fingers

You who enjoys that cocktail night

You who sleeps soundly at night

Not worried about a drop which could be in sight

Sometimes I feel like just a normal girl

Who doesn’t have a care in the world

But do many 20 year olds scream at their loved ones

Just because there sugars are too high

Do many 20 year olds live with the burden

Of managing a condition that just won’t say goodbye

I dream of the little girl who use to smile all the time

Who ran freely and loved her life

The little girl I once was

The little girl without any labels

The little girl who didn’t cry at night


So that’s my poem for day 2 of diabetes blog week. I struggled a bit writing that and even asked people to do it for me! It’s not an A* poem but it sums up how I sometimes feel! It’s not the positive poem I was thinking of doing because I do miss the carefree little girl I once was and I wanted to get that across! Anyway hope everyone has a lovely sunny day!



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