On Tuesday 23rd January 2007 I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Six years on and I have decided to take a go at writing a blog on “Meg’s world of diabetes”….all of the day to day problems that you face being a diabetic and everything else that comes with it; the taking daily sugar levels, learning to use my pump and carb counting.

So now you know what this blog is going to be about I feel I should tell you a bit about me 😉

I’m a 23 year old, currently working as a nurse. Still living at home in the lovely town of Southampton where its always sunny…well maybe in my dreams. I enjoy reading, shopping and hanging out with family and friends. Just your average 23 year old to be honest.

So I’m not perfect at controlling my diabetes and probably never will be, this is just a down to earth honest blog about how I have learnt to live with my diabetes and my experiences of living with it and other things that crop up along the way. If you wish to email me I shall add a contact page so you can email me. But I hope you enjoy reading my blog, I’ll try to make it interesting as I can 😉

Me and the Mother :)

Me and the Mother 🙂

Disclaimer; All the views written in this blog are my own, they have been drawn from my own experiences and learning so please do not take them as the gospel truth. I have not been asked to talk about any products or sites so if I do its my own opinion of them. I am not a medical expert so if anything raised makes you question things then please consult your local GP or diabetes consultant. 


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